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About US

Nellie Hathorn

Owner and Creative Director


Nellie graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration from University of Phoenix. She also has completed a Certification for Social Media Marketing. She has over 15 years of Administration, Human Resources, Project Management & Sales experience in a variety of capacities in fortune 500 companies. She has co-founded and consulted in business start ups in Southern CA and has been marketing for small to medium sized companies in California, Pennsylvania and Texas.


Before working in the Business field, she volunteered her time by helping animals at various animal rescue centers and veterinary offices in Texas, Connecticut and Mississippi. She has also worked with Bottlenose Dolphins and Beluga Whales at Mystic Aquarium for 3 years.  In addition, she worked in Professional Minor League Baseball for 7 years during which the El Paso Diablos and the Jackson Generals both won Champioships. 


ac·cip·i·ter /akˈsipitər/

     a hawk of a group distinguished by short, broad wings and relatively long legs, adapted for fast flight in wooded country.

Word Orgin: New Latin, from Latin: hawk

The company name was inspired by the family of Red-tailed Hawks that permanently live in a backyard tree.

Based in Temecula, CA.